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Gallery Mestom Chandeliers opens her doors.

  • MESTROM CHANDELIERS 42 Sint Annalaan Maastricht, LI, 6217 KB Netherlands (map)

Nowadays we are so used to 'light' around us. Just press a button and there is light, but it took centuries of very clever craftsmen to develop what we have now.

Centuries ago only the very rich could afford to have light. Candles were very expensive. You needed to place them somewhere safe so the whole building couldn't burn down. And above  all it needed to radiate richness and wealth. Especially in the 18th century, I would say, the Art and Functionality of Chandeliers were completely in sinc and this is where my love for chandeliers began and now I would like to share this with you.

Come and join me at my gallery to see the rare and fine examples in my collection.